Delivering Scottish food to the UK and Europe

eating pasta with a spanner

It has been a busy summer. We’ve got a lovely new office and a shiny new blog.

It’s amazing to think Scottish Food Overseas is twelve years old this year.

Since 2001, we’ve grown from a simple delivery service to a thriving luxury hamper business.

We are passionate about championing Scotland’s award-winning foods in the UK, Europe and overseas. And we know we can’t do it without your interest.

We design and deliver gift hampers that enable you to express how much you care – whether it is as simple as giving a corporate gift of the finest Scottish whisky and Arran cheeses or as personal as creating your own hamper so that you can give your mum or dad the Tunnock’s teacakes they remember eating at Grannie’s.

We are always trying to improve our service.

Have you had a look at our diabetic gift hampers and gluten free gift hampers?

We are going to use this blog to share special offers, chat about exciting ways to use Scottish foods and to answer your questions.

So if you’d like to get in touch, please email us or feel free to leave a comment below.

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