Avoid the Christmas rush with canny delivery

Glasgow City Centre

If the prospect of fighting with hoards of Christmas shoppers fills you with dread, we’ve got a rather nifty way for you to find the perfect, personalised gift while missing the Christmas rush.

Order one of Christmas hampers today and you can book delivery on any day you wish before Christmas (last orders 20th December).

So instead of frantically flicking through our gift baskets, grab a fresh brew and savour our selection of the finest Scottish foods and drinks.

Then rest…

Because you can be rest assured that Uncle Jim will receive his favourite whisky; Fiona in Sweden will have the clootie pudding she’s been craving for her Christmas tea and you with all the time in the world to find that perfect gift. You know,  the one your partner will be giving you for Christmas.

Imagine how simpler Christmas will be when your order your Christmas hampers and book your delivery today.

Looking for Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas?

Over the years, Scotland’s food and drink has become increasingly praised for it unique taste and quality.

It is not only our whisky that has fans worldwide. Our smoked meats, fish and cheese are used by the most discerning chefs and there are family favourites too (Tunnocks anyone?).

To help you choose the perfect gift, we’ve designed some hamper selections for you and named them after our favourite Scottish towns.

Or why not create your own hamper from our Scottish larder?

All out hampers are hand-packed to order and we like to include a personal message too, just to make it extra special.

We’ve been creating hampers for Christmas for over a decade now and know a bit about what people like. Here are some of our recommendations:

For him

Islay Gift Box with Laphroig WhiskyToast in the New Year with a dram of finest Scottish whisky and you are sure to have a great year.

We’d recommend the Laphroaig 10 year old single malt which opens with smoky peaty tones, followed by seaweed, a hint of vanilla ice cream and more than a whiff from the First Aid box. And don’t forget the cardamom, black pepper and chilli spices . Enough to warm anyone’s cockles.

Buy it in our Islay Gift Box and you will also receive some decadent bakes and chocolates that compliment the complex tastes of the whisky. Sláinte.

For grandad

Sweet Toothed Gift Basket

Christmas is all about sweet, sugary treats and the Sweet Toothed Gift Hamper is full of the very treats Scottish families have been feasting on for decades.

Hand packed full to the brim with Edinburgh Rock, Tunnocks Snowballs and shortbread, these goodies will really make Christmas special.

For a Scottish expat 

Luxury Scottish Christmas HamperWhen you live overseas, you miss the simplest of things, especially at Christmas. Our Luxury Christmas Hamper is full of the foods that we believe make up a great Scottish Christmas feast. Hearty soups, spicy haggis and the sweet fruits and spices of Tilquhillie Scottish Christmas pudding, plus so much more. A real treat from home.

So here are just a few of our ideas. What Scottish foods do you like to pack in your Christmas hampers?

For exclusive offers, competitions, and the latest Scottish Food Overseas news make sure you follow us here, on Twitter:http://twitter.com/scotfoodhampers and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scottishfoodandhampers

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