Recipe: Clootie Dumpling Ice Cream

icecream_scoopDeepest summer goes hand in hand with ice cream, but as the natural world becomes restless and the sun slips from the sky, the pure pleasure of a beautifully balanced ice cream becomes all the more precious.

One lick of this clootie dumpling ice cream and you are sure to be transported to more summery days.

For this recipe, we have drawn upon the a Scottish eating tradition of celebrating Halloween’s magic and mischief with lucky charms. Buried in clootie dumpling of course, a classic Scottish dessert made with dried fruits, sugar and spice.

As with the best celebrations, the fun is in the eating.

Finding a charm on your spoon reveals your fortune. A ring in your dumpling means you will be the first to marry, a silver coin signifies wealth, a wishbone your heart’s desire and a horseshoe charm good luck.

Whether you choose to add the lucky charms to this recipe is up to you. Just don’t forget the whisky – it gives wonderful undertones.

Clootie Dumpling Ice Cream

Serves 6

  • 300 ml double cream
  • 200 g condensed milk
  • 1 tablespoon of malt whisky
  • 200g clootie dumpling without skin

1.Whip the cream to soft peaks, then gently fold in the milk and whisky.
2.Once combined tip into a freezer container and freeze for 3 hours, taking it out of the freezer to whisk it every now and again.
3.Tear off clumps of clootie (do not crumble into small crumbs) and gently stir in. We used Tilquhillie Clootie Dumpling from  our Inverary Gift Hamper. Refreeze until firm.
4.Serve with hot butterscotch sauce.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Clootie Dumpling Ice Cream

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Recipe Inspired by Sue Lawrence’s Cook’s Tour around Scotland.

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