Six great reasons why you should share a Christmas gift hamper

“Oh wow! Thanks so much. More socks.”

Bad taste - Christmas socks. Good taste: Scottish Food Hamper. Ho Ho Ho

Save yourself those cringe-worthy moments this year and buy a gift that is thoughtful and delicious.

Here are six great reasons why our Christmas hampers are the answer to all your Christmas gift woes:

1. You’re busy

Your time is precious. Don’t spend it aimlessly wandering round shops and browsing websites. Our range of high quality Scottish foods, hand packed to your order, means you can create a personalised gift in a few short minutes. So you don’t have to get frustrated with Christmas before it even happens.

2. Trust us

We’ve over a decade of experience sourcing the tastiest foods from Scotland’s larder and take real pride in creating a quality-led hamper collection.

3. High-quality foods with an international reputation

We support traditional and growing brands with the Scottish food industry which is know worldwide for the quality of its produce. This means you get a choice of the best Scottish foods for your gift hamper..

4. It’s all hand packed.

No mass production, no machine-packed items. We’re a family business and pack every hamper to order which means every gift basket is as individual as your loved ones and work colleagues.

5. It shows you care

Giving someone such a personal gift as a hamper shows that you care. Gie it laldy and choose all their favourite Scottish foods.

6. There may be other perks too.

Just maybe… if you give the most thoughtful present on Christmas day, you wont need to do the washing up. You never know!
We really hope you love all the choices on our website. Why not buy your Christmas gift hamper today?

And remember ..

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