8 foods Scots miss when overseas at Christmas

Scottish Christmas TreeThere are certain things Scots miss intensely when away from home at Christmas – family, friends, a peat fire…  and food.

Especially food.
Conquering exotic culinary worlds is exhilarating at times (pukka pie anyone?) but the lack of certain foods at Christmas can make home feel very very far away
So here are the top foods Scots miss at Christmas time.


Haggis is great at any time of year. It plays a staring role at Hogmanay and Burn’s Suppers it’s true and is more likely to appear as a starter at Christmas. Have you tried haggis with seared scallops yet?.
It is worth noting though that we can’t deliver fresh haggis and other perishable foods outside the European Union (EU).


Whisky from Scottish Food OverseasWhether it is a wee dram for Santa on Christmas Eve or to toast family and friends on Christmas Day, whisky is an essential ingredient to a Scottish Christmas. View our whisky selection here.

Clootie Dumpling

Clootie Dumpling from Scottish Food Overseas

A slice of deliciously light clootie dumpling will transport you back to the days when your granny steamed a dumpling over the fire. Remember how the whole house was filled with an lemony orange fug? Our award-winning Tilquihillie clootie dumpling is a must for Christmas.

Lorne or Square Sausage

Full Scottish Breakfast by Scottish Food Overseas

If there is a better way to start the day than a roll n sausage, we’ve yet to find it. Or you could treat yourself to the full Scottish breakfast on Christmas Day. After all, it’s a busy time.

Smoked salmon

Inverawe smoked salmon

The delicate smoky taste of Scottish smoked salmon lingers on the tongue, and it is such a versatile ingredient too. You may remember it served as a Christmas Day starter. Or perhaps in a pie for the family on Boxing Day. One of our favourite recipes at the moment is Paul Hollywood’s Hot Smoked Salmon Temptation with filo pastry.

Irn Bru

Irn Bru on sale at Scottish Food Overseas

Once rumoured to be flavoured by Falkirk’s iron girders, this bright orange pop has an extra special place in Scottish hearts. When McDonald’s opened here, people picketed the restaurants for not selling Irn-Bru. And of course, you can buy Irn Bru here too.

Tunnock’s Teacakes

Tunnocks Wafer or Tea Cake

Ignore the traditional humbugs and much on a Tunnock’s teacake while watching the Queen’s Speech. A Tunnock’s Tea Cake is unique: Marks & Spencer makes a version but it’s not the same at all, not least because there is beef gelatin in the mallow whereas Tunnock’s uses only sugar, glucose syrup and reconstituted egg white; and its products don’t appear under other labels – the sole exception is a relatively small number of Tea Cakes made for a Newcastle firm, which appear as Rington’s Mallows. Get your unique Tunnock’s teacakes here.


Walkers shortbread

Shortbread is a biscuit ‘shortened’ by glorious butter. The texture of the biscuit is crisp and snappable- hence ‘short’. History suggests Scottish bakers used the name “shortbread” to escape the government’s tax on biscuits. Whether true or not, this “bread” is great with a cuppa. Try shortbread here.

Scottish food hampers really do make a great Christmas present for your favourite Scots living in the UK, Europe and further away overseas. We hand pack every hamper to order so we can fill it with all your favourites.

Add a personal message and within minutes you’ve created a really thoughtful and tasty Christmas gift.


Perishable food can be delivered within the European Union.  Outside of the EU any selected perishable items will be substituted for other items to the same value or higher.
All fresh food must be sent express delivery (EU only) due to its perishable nature.
Do you and your family have any foodie Christmas traditions? We’d love to hear them.

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