Taste of Scotland: Winter Warming Marmalade and Cranberry Loaf


Marmalade and Cranberry Loaf is a sticky orange cake filled with morsels of candied peel and topped with tart cranberries. Because of its warming flavours, it is an ideal addition to afternoon tea or as a thank you gift at Christmas. It is quite simple to make, but you must use the finest marmalade, you can get your hands on.

Introducing Mackays Dundee Orange Marmalade

Mackays Dundee Orange Marmalade is the ideal ingredient to recreate this traditional taste of Scotland. It is the only marmalade still made in Dundee, Scotland.

Dundee has been the home of marmalade since the 19th century, although it was not invented there as some believe. (Read more about the history of marmalade here).

This popular misconception is most likely because Dundee entrepreneurs, the Keiller family, were the first to make the citrus preserve in such volume and at such a good price it became incredibly popular in the 19th century. Many other marmalade producers arrived in Dundee, but only Mackays continues to produce marmalade in the traditional copper pans, giving it a lovely rich flavour.

The full recipe for this excellent winter warmer is available at Mackay’s Dundee Marmalade and Cranberry Loaf.

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