Which foods do you think Scots miss most when they are away from Scotland?

There are certain things Scots miss intensely when away from Scotland – family, friends, a peat fire and food.Especially food, which is why our workshop in Stirling gets increasingly busy at this time of year.

It’s not surprising really when you think there are an estimated 50 million people around the globe with an affinity to Scotland. They are bound to miss the comforts of home. Popular dramas, like Outlander, have also succeeded in reminding everyone that Scottish foods are far tastier than deep fried haggis.

Our family run business has over ten years’ experience championing traditional and modern Scottish brands and sending them within beautifully presented gift hampers to UK, Europe and worldwide.

In our experience here are the Scottish food and drink most wanted as a gift this Christmas.

Tunnock’s Teacakes and Caramel Wafers

Tunnocks Caramel WaferThink Commonwealth Games and the opening ceremony and you’ll immediately get an idea of the emotions these chocolate biscuits evoke. The mere mention of Tunnocks sends Scots back to their childhoods.

Tunnocks lovers will really enjoy our Sweet Toothed Gift Selection, as well as our Taste of Scotland hamper and Luxury Christmas Hamper. You can also create your own hamper selection with your favourite Scottish food and drink.


Irn Bru

Irn Bru on sale at Scottish Food OverseasOnce rumoured to be flavoured by Falkirk’s iron girders, this bright orange pop has an extra special place in Scottish hearts. When McDonalds opened in Scotland, local Scots picketed the restaurants until the American giant agreed to sell their favourite ginger.

Today you’ll find it much easier to buy Irn Bru online here .


Whisky from Scottish Food OverseasWhether it is a wee dram for Santa on Christmas Eve or to toast family and friends on Christmas Day, whisky is an essential ingredient to a Scottish Christmas.

For the whisky connoisseur, our Whisky Lover’s selection is a great Christmas Gift. Or you might prefer the elegant Shetland Whisky and Cheese Gift Box. Alternatively, we stock a variety of whisky flavoured treats including haggis, honey and marmalade. Add these to a gift box or wicker basket to create your own unique hamper selection.


Clootie Dumpling

Clootie DumplingA slice of deliciously light clootie dumpling will transport many back to the days when theirgranny steamed dumpling over the fire. The whole house would have been filled with a lemony orange fug.
Award-winning Tilquihillie clootie dumpling features in our impressive Inverness Hamper which is a perfect Christmas gift for large groups and extended families. Remember you can create your own Scottish Christmas hamper selection too.

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon by John Ross JrThe delicate smoky taste of Scottish smoked salmon lingers on the tongue, and it is such a versatile ingredient too. Our chosen award winning producer is John Ross Jr because their fish is sustainably sourced and smoked with time-honoured techniques in traditional 19th century kilns for a delicate, distinctive flavour.

Scottish salmon features in our Luxury Christmas Hamper, Stirling Christmas Hamper and Inverness Christmas Hampers which are great gifts for families. For a loved one or corporate colleague the Smoked Salmon and Champagne Gift Box is a perfect Christmas gift.



Walkers shortbread

Shortbread is a biscuit ‘shortened’ by glorious butter. It is crisp and snappable- hence ‘short’. History suggests Scottish bakers used the name “shortbread” to escape the government’s tax on biscuits. Whether true or not, this “bread” is great with a cuppa or  dram of single malt whisky.

Shortbread features in many of our Christmas Hampers, as well as our Sweet Toothed Gift Selection.

Scottish Ales and Orkney Beers

Gift selection of tasty Scottish BeersWhile perhaps not as well known outside Scotland as whisky, Scottish ales and Orkney Beers have a sophisticated taste all of their own. Each sip is a gentle reminder of the landscapes in which they were crafted.

New for 2014, our Orkney Beers and Savoury Selection is a fine selection of this beautifully crafted beers. You might also like to add some Scottish ales when you create your own Christmas hamper.



Macsween Three Bird HaggisWe couldn’t finish this list without mentioning haggis. Despite its unfair reputation oversees, it is still the food most missed by Scots and not just for Burns Night. There is simply nothing like its oaty, earthy flavours. Today, legendary haggis producers Macsween are creating a haggis evolution and in addition the traditional and vegetarian flavours, you can enjoy three bird haggis, and wild boar haggis.

It is worth noting though that we can’t deliver fresh haggis and other perishable foods outside the European Union (EU). If you would like haggis delivered outside the EU, please visit our sister site, Haggis UK.

Scottish food and hampers really do make a great Christmas hampers for your favourite Scots living in the UK, Europe and further away overseas. We hand pack every hamper to order so we can fill it with all your favourites.

Add a personal message and within minutes you’ve created a really thoughtful and tasty Christmas gift.


Perishable food can be delivered within the European Union.  Outside of the EU any selected perishable items will be substituted for other items to the same value or higher.

All fresh food must be sent express delivery (EU only) due to its perishable nature.

Do you and your family have any foodie Christmas traditions? We’d love to hear them.