Scottish Cheese Hamper Gift Ideas

Savoury treats and whisky hamperScotland’s reputation as a cheese-making nation is growing – these days, cheesemakers around the country offer much more than orange cheddar. Take this creamy cheddar from the Isle of Arran for example, which has been slowly infused with the aromas of burning whisky barrel shavings. No surprise then that it pairs beautifully with a dram of whisky, crunchy oatcakes and apple chutney, among other treats included in the hamper.

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Eriskay Cheese and Wine Hamper

Eriskay Cheese and Wine Gift Box selectionIf you prefer to pair your cheese boards with a fine Bordeaux, try the Eriskay Cheese and Wine Hamper. Cheeses from Scotland’s Isle of Arran, accompanied by oatcakes, mature apple chutney, roasted and salted pistachios and smooth milk chocolate. A great gift for staff, colleagues and friends.

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