A sweet gift idea to solve the Tunnocks Effect

Picture the scene…two Scots meet on a beach somewhere in the world. They begin to chat and before you know it, they’re bonding over Tunnocks. The “Tunnocks Effect” as it’s been called, happens everywhere and we’ve got the solution – the Sweet-Toothed Gift Box.

The Sweet Toothed Gift Selection by Scottish Food and Hampers
The Sweet Toothed Gift Selection by Scottish Food and Hampers Shop Now

The Sweet Toothed Gift Box is the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth and a passion for great Scottish food. Hand packed in a vibrant, red gift box it includes Tunnock’s teacakes, Tunnock’s snowballs, Tunnock’s wafers and (rarely seen outside of Scotland) Tunnock’s Caramel Logs (as well as lots of other delectable sweet treats, but we’ll say more about them later.)

First though, if you are new to the Tunnock’s Effect, here’s a quick introduction.

The Tunnock’s Effect

Part of the Tunnock’s appeal is in the packaging, which has barely changed in 50 years. A rosy cheeked (although un-named) Tunnock’s boy smiles from the boxes while the tea cakes and wafers continue to be ‘dead-wrapped’ (ie without glue) in shiny red and silver wrapper, which means you can make things like this.

Amber McDowell with Boyd Tunnock, CEO of Tunnocks
Boyd Tunnock, CEO of Tunnocks, with Amber McDowell who used 100 red and silver wrappers over four months to make the outfit for her Higher Art and Design project. Image Credit. 

And this …

Origami rose made from Tunnock's teacake wrappers
Origami rose made from Tunnocks wrappers. Nifty tutorial here http://goo.gl/YImqd3

But don’t let the packaging distract you from their great taste. The tea cake is a large blob of soft white marshmallow coated in chocolate on a biscuit base. The Caramel Wafer is five layers of wafer that alternate with four of caramel, again coated in chocolate. A Snowball is a variation on a Tea Cake: marshmallow in a chocolate-flavour coating, sprinkled with grated coconut while the Caramel Log is a caramel wafer covered in toasted coconut.

All are delicious.

Tunnock’s Perfect Partners

Yet, a Scot cannot party on Tunnock’s alone. Nor would they want to when given the choice of shortbread, ginger cake, luxury Scottish fudge and so much more.

Here is a list of all the treats in the Sweet Toothed Gift Box. You can give this to someone – and solve the Tunnock’s Effect – for under £50. Great value, right?

  • Tunnock’s Caramel Logs (4 pack)
  • Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers (4 pack)
  • Tunnock’s Snowballs (4 pack)
  • Tunnock’s Tea Cakes (6 pack)
  • Mackies Milk Chocolate with honeycomb 100g
  • Mackies Dark Chocolate with Mint 100g
  • Mrs Tilly’s Scottish Tablet 150g
  • Old Fashioned Ginger Cake 300g
  • Walkers Assorted Shortbread 250g
  • Mrs Tilly’s Luxury Vanilla Macaroon – 90g bar
  • Borders Lemon Drizzle Melts
  • Summer House Raspberry Lemonade
  • Irn Bru 330ml can
  • Mrs Tilly’s Luxury Scottish Fudge 90g bar

Now if you still doubt the Tunnock’s Effect, listen to Chris Martin from Coldplay. He has said,

‘You can’t choose between the Caramel Wafer and the Tea Cake – they’re like Lennon and McCartney, you can’t separate them.’

With the Sweet Toothed Gift Selection, you don’t have to. Find out more here.


Tunnock’s teacakes and caramel wafers also feature in The Taste of Scotland hamper, The Classic Christmas Hamper, and The Glencoe Christmas Hamper. We did say they were popular! Take a look.


2 thoughts on “A sweet gift idea to solve the Tunnocks Effect

  1. Hi can you send a box of caramel wafers to Wales as a Christmas’s present and how much woul it be plus delivery, thank you

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