Creating a Whisky Hamper? The best Scottish food pairings to add to your gift

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A luxury Scottish whisky hamper under the Christmas tree is a magical gift idea, and make the whisky lover in your life especially happy, by creating your own hamper selection. Pairing food with whisky might seem complicated at first.. If you are not sure where to start, read our guide on what food to pair with Scottish Whisky in a gift hamper.


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Everyone is comfortable with the idea of pairing wine with cheese, but not of the possibility for similar successful partnerships with whisky. To find the right cheese, you need to consider the predominate character of the whisky you’ve chosen in your hamper. Island whisky, with its distinct smoky, peat flavours will go well with equally flavourful cheese. You might consider pairing Laphroig with a blue cheese for instance. While a whisky with light, floral notes from the Highlands or Speyside would go well with creamier cheeses, like brie or cheddars from Isle of Arran.


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It may seem surprising to suggest eating chocolate while enjoying a dram of whisky but we’re not alone. Dalwhinnie Distillery in Inverness-shire offers a Whisky and Chocolate Tour around its facility. Whisky with citrus notes goes well with dark chocolate, while creamy milk chocolate contrasts beautifully with the nip of most single drams.


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There is a reason why you will almost always find nuts to snack on in most pubs across Scotland. Whisky works wonderfully with nuts and there are countless possibilities to pair flavours. Try luxury roasted nuts with strong, peaty whisky, and bitter varieties with floral Highland whisky


Need more ideas?

Why not take a look at our whisky hamper selections for more ideas. The Islay Malt Whisky Selection  features smoky Island Laphroaig, paired with a selection of sweet cakes and biscuits to complement its smoky flavours. The Malt Whisky Lover’s Selection includes a bottle of Aberlour 10 year old malt from Speyside paired with a selection of foods that complement its sweet, vanilla flavours.

Once you’ve created your own hamper, don’t forget to add a personalised Gift Card and choose your preferred delivery date.



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