How to reuse and upcycle a wicker hamper to make your life a little easier

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Receiving a food hamper is almost two gifts in one. Once there is nothing left of the delicious food and drink inside, you can reuse the hamper so that you feel more organised and in control.

Here are some of our favourites.

As a travel basket

Here is one of Scottish Food and Hampers on the back of a motorcycle in France. You could also pop it in the back of your car filled with jumper leads, a towel, emergency water, and snacks so you are prepared during the winter months. Just make sure the basket won’t slide around.

As a catch-all by your front door

This is a great place to stick your library books to return or any items that need to go back to the store. You can just grab the basket and go on your way out the door. No running around searching for all those things you need to take when it’s time to go.

To grow herbs in the garden

Wicker baskets make great containers for plants, although be prepared to water-proof them first.  to prepare them first. The Laid Back Gardener provides a great step-by-step guide to preparing a wicker basket for planting here.

Go on a picnic

Use your basket for a picnic. Keep one stashed with supplies so it’s always ready to grab and go. Here’s what to keep in it for an instant picnic.

  • A tablecloth
  • Plastic or paper dishware
  • Napkins
  • Plastic silverware
  • Plastic cups
  • Salt and pepper travel containers
  • A small thermos
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes

As storage

There are lots of things you can store in wicker basket. They add a lovely texture in a room or cupboard. Off the top of our heads we can think of:

  • your children’s lego pieces or colouring sets
  • newspapers and magazines
  • shoes
  • wool and knitting needles
  • dressmaking patterns and fabrics
  • recipe cuttings
  • seed packets and gardening gloves.

How will you use yours?

Two gifts in one

Order from our gift hamper range
or create your own.

Frequently asked questions about wicker gift baskets

Are wicker baskets really a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic and single use gift packaging?

Traditional wicker baskets are made from plants such as bamboo, rattan and sea grass. Bamboo is actually a grass and grows 3 times faster than traditional lumber sources. People can harvest a high yield from plants after 3-7 years. A single stand can produce 200 poles for 5 years. Additionally bamboo needs little water to grow.

How do you clean a wicker basket?

No need for chemicals. For light cleaning, wipe with a dry feather duster or natural bristle paintbrush. For a more deeper clean,  dampen a cotton cloth with cold water and wipe the basket.

What is the best paint to use on wicker baskets?

Painting a wicker basket is child’s play with spray paint. It covers quickly and gets into all the hard to reach spaces a brish would struggle with.

Do you sell wicker hampers without food and drink in them?

No. We use all our wicker basket stock to create gift hampers for our customers.

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