Whisky Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

When buying a whisky hamper as a Father’s Day gift, Scotland is the perfect place to begin. With five distinct whisky distilling areas, you’re spoilt for choice of malts and blends. But what if you don’t know your Glenlivet from your Glenmorangie? What is the best way to choose a dram your Dad will love? We’ve some helpful suggestions.

Top foods Scots miss when away from home

There are certain things Scots miss intensely when away from Scotland at Christmas - family, friends, a peat fire and food. Especially traditional Scottish food and drink. It’s not surprising really when you think there is an estimated 50 million people around the globe with an affinity to Scotland. They are bound to miss the comforts of home. Popular dramas, like Outlanders, have also succeeded in reminding everyone that Scottish foods are far tastier than deep fried haggis. Our family run business has over ten years’ experience championing traditional and modern Scottish brands and sending them within beautifully presented gift hampers to UK, Europe and worldwide. In our experience here are the Scottish food and drink most wanted as a gift this Christmas.

3 reasons why corporate giving is good for your business and how to do it right

Corporate giving is on the rise again as more businesses realise the benefits of sending something special to clients.  A thoughtful gift sent on a special anniversary or at Christmas effectively demonstrates how much you value the business relationship, especially if you have sought out your client’s preferences to create a personalised gift. There are other benefits too. Read on