Scottish recipe: Cullen Skink soup

Baxters Cullen Skink soup

Full-flavoured, hearty, and comfortingly creamy, Cullen Skink is possibly the world's finest fish soup. Stuffed full of warming ingredients like smoked fish, silky potatoes and rich milk or cream, it never fails to cheer you even when you've had four seasons in one day. Never is there a better time to enjoy simple, full flavoured comforting Scottish … Continue reading Scottish recipe: Cullen Skink soup

Is this the best haggis lunch recipe?

Haggis and Cheese Scones recipe

Last week the Macsween Haggis team shared some of their favourite haggis lunch recipes on Facebook. Their haggis quesadillas looked delicious and the cheese and haggis toasties were a triumph. Now the Macsween Haggis team know their haggis, but as haggis aficionados ourselves, could we do any better? Haggis and Cheese scones anyone? Scones are … Continue reading Is this the best haggis lunch recipe?

8 foods Scots miss when overseas at Christmas

Scottish Christmas Tree

There are certain things Scots miss intensely when away from home at Christmas - family, friends, a peat fire...  and food. Especially food. Conquering exotic culinary worlds is exhilarating at times (pukka pie anyone?) but the lack of certain foods at Christmas can make home feel very very far away So here are the top foods Scots miss at Christmas time. … Continue reading 8 foods Scots miss when overseas at Christmas

Recipe: Haggis, seared scallops & pea puree


Traditional or vegetarian haggis, accompanied with scallops and pea puree is one of the most simple and scrumptious ways to begin a special meal. We've even known customers to serve this dish to guests at their wedding breakfast - in Italy!   Ingredients 130g packet 'Macsween microwave in 60 seconds' haggis   6 large king … Continue reading Recipe: Haggis, seared scallops & pea puree

What makes a perfect Scottish breakfast?

Full Scottish Breakfast by Scottish Food Overseas

What's the most important meal of the day? My usual response to that question is: “The next one...” A quick poll around HQ and the most popular answer is breakfast. And why not, when many of the finest breakfast ingredients are made in Scotland. Ok, so we're biased, but you really must try these Scottish breakfast recipes for … Continue reading What makes a perfect Scottish breakfast?