Scottish recipe: Cullen Skink soup

Baxters Cullen Skink soup

Full-flavoured, hearty, and comfortingly creamy, Cullen Skink is possibly the world's finest fish soup. Stuffed full of warming ingredients like smoked fish, silky potatoes and rich milk or cream, it never fails to cheer you even when you've had four seasons in one day. Never is there a better time to enjoy simple, full flavoured comforting Scottish … Continue reading Scottish recipe: Cullen Skink soup

How to create a special Mother’s Day Hamper

Arran Cheese

Only eight days before Mother's Day, but don't panic. You've still time to tell us your Mum's favourite foods for her special Mother's Day Gift Hamper. Finger-pawed peppermint creams don’t do the trick any longer. This year, you'll shine by selecting tastier treats and we'll deliver them to her door in a beautifully presented personalised hamper. … Continue reading How to create a special Mother’s Day Hamper

Is this the best haggis lunch recipe?

Haggis and Cheese Scones recipe

Last week the Macsween Haggis team shared some of their favourite haggis lunch recipes on Facebook. Their haggis quesadillas looked delicious and the cheese and haggis toasties were a triumph. Now the Macsween Haggis team know their haggis, but as haggis aficionados ourselves, could we do any better? Haggis and Cheese scones anyone? Scones are … Continue reading Is this the best haggis lunch recipe?

Is Scottish salmon the food of love?

Valentine hampers

With so many romantic lovers choosing the Scottish smoked salmon and champagne as their Valentine's Day hamper, the Scottish Food and Hampers team has been wondering whether there really is such a thing as a food of love or is it simply a matter of taste? An insight into lovers' responses to food will help create the perfect Valentine's Day … Continue reading Is Scottish salmon the food of love?